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November 01, 2012

Eloquent writers

What makes good writers? The way they put together the words transport the reader into that place, into the minds of the people, feeling the same agony or the same joy. I loved Bridges of Madison County and it was so profoundly sad...I was on that hangover for days...wondering of something so magical was ever real in this world...can such a strong bond exist between two humans..and yet the bond with your children is always the stronger one. I am sure there are other stories of separated lovers but what made this one touch me in such a deep manner.
Does a good writer then speak with this deep impact? George Barnard Shaw, one of my favorite authors was reportedly quick in his wit. Some of his responses are famous. He was a man with a very active imagination and extremely clever choice of words. He was also able to say it aloud along with writing.
Some writers I feel need to write in order to clear their head of all those unspoken words. Some aren’t so good with people. They can’t handle the emotions of the people standing right there in front of them. Words spring into their heads...but are kept unuttered. Eloquent speech is then a different art.
An eloquent person is charming. Women admire men who talk well...especially if they make her feel special. Barack Obama appears in my head as I write this, since he is very naturally eloquent and the sincerity that shines through his words is very attractive.
Do writers need to be eloquent in their speech as well? Writers most certainly will have an opinion on most subjects…everyone should have an opinion on everything. They may not be so well informed on every topic but should have some idea about it and based on that they would have an opinion on it. You may not want to say it aloud...that’s your choice.
Not wanting to shout out your thoughts is not such downside. To each his own. If you want to just write, so be it. If you want to jump up and yell your heart out, so be it. If you want to walk away from such a person, so be it.
A writer is only judged by the character of his written word…what it evokes in the reader. His expressive words give more weight to the words themselves.

October 31, 2012

Poured out Like Water

Water has no color of its own. It reflects...or it lets the color of the container shine through. It doesn’t have a shape of its own either. Flows into whichever shape it’s poured out to. Very essential for sustaining life. Taken for granted until it’s unavailable.
Defines a mother as well. She is poured out into a cook, cleaner, tutor, driver...Chaperone...sometimes even a doctor. We miss her when she is not around but we hardly glorify her when she is fussing over us.
My mother has smothered me with total complete care. She doesn’t even let me think for myself. Before I even knew I needed something it was there.
My sons have worn me down to the floor. They are unstoppable storms wrecking my home. They need me to feed them, hold them and comfort them, stay firm when they go off the road.
They do need me as water but really what good am I if I entirely lose myself. Being poured out and out I fear my sensibilities have dullened.My other passions have a crust formed on them. In this daily chaos of which I am not complaining, a part of my core has taken off hibernating.
I am very blessed with my two precious storms but at times I feel myself...
I need to prod myself with new experiences. I have to be the person I am along with the water my children need.

July 20, 2012

School days

Not my school days//my sons..I have to wake up early ..tip toe into the kitchen,,,quickly clean my baby's bottle and prepare his Pediasure drink and sneak it into his mouth before his little eyes open with a naughty gleam...if he drinks it he is gonna sleep for some more time , very important to me then I can pack breakfast and lunch for school in peace,,,