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July 12, 2013

Touch technology

PADE Day 12 Theme – Tools

Since yesterday it is pouring by the buckets and I don’t feel like getting up from under my warm blanket. I wish I could be out on the prowl – for unusual pictures with stories but that’s a very distant dream. I like rains but I feel trapped right now.  I wonder what excuse I would have when the rains ended.

So here’s what I found – the age old plough missing the bulls. I found it on the farm next to our building.My toddler is playing on iPad and not 500 meters away from him live a family, tilling the land with a plough and bulls.They are in touch with the earth and the circle of life. I imagine them eagerly waiting for the rains and the new leaves to break forth. I imagine them rejoicing in the harvest.I also see all the children running bare foot on the mucky soil, soaking in the rain.They would definitely feel cold but I imagine they relish that.
Mine are buttoned up under jackets and raincoats. Sitting smug indoors. Playing on the iPad.A radically different touch technology.

It’s fascinating that there is a section of the society still so untouched by technology. It’s what brings balance to world.

This post is my entry for the PADE conducted by Just a mom” or “ Things to rave about

July 11, 2013

Paradise Trashed

PADE Day 11 Theme – Street

From my terrace on the seventh floor, I have a pretty scenic view. Especially now the earth has pulled over itself a blanket of green. Slushy mud is all under the green as far as eyes can go.
There is a street which used to lead to no particular chowk. Been hearing that once a bridge comes up somewhere on a dying river flowing behind us, the road is going to be very busy one.  Till now there is only one housing society which it leads to. Both sides of it are farming land. You can see tomatoes and cabbages, peeping through their large leaves.
It was comforting, that tarred road on which I could push the pram with ease. The traffic was very less. The breeze freshening. My elder son ad his friends used to run and explore the vegetation by the side.
All slowly changed for the worse. Somehow a huge garbage collecting bin was placed on the side of the road. In a flash, there was trash dancing all over. Nature’s splendor crushed under filth and stench.
In the picture below I have tried to mark the dumpster in yellow.

Close up of the trash 

I do wonder sometimes if it were the neighborhood mall keepers who trashed the road. Seemed like more people were out over there than inside their pricey game zones and food courts.

I had a picture from over a year ago before the kachara pile shaped up.
A year ago - a perfect walk with earth
Heavy rains- from my terrace
I also have a picture of the same corner during a very heavy down pour. All taken from my terrace.

For PADE by Ritu and Sfurti 

July 10, 2013

Romeo and Juliet

PADE Day 10 Theme - Shoes

Today evening I went for a new home Puja and I found these beautiful shoes by the door. Among the many other sandals and shoes, she stood out. Black with some red. Someone kicked her, envy queen definitely and made her turn on her side. The couple separated, lying on the side…reminded me of some Romeo Juliet romance. Doomed. Waiting  for love to reunite.

Too beautiful for normalcy.
The normals kicked her about.

Couldn’t take more clearer or dramatic pictures. The kitty crowd was moving in. And people would have yelled “chor chor “ if I started rearranging the footwear by the door.

So finally I had a PADE entry with a story.

For PADE by Ritu and Sfurti 

July 09, 2013


PADE Day 9 Theme – Sharp

The first thought is Stalactites. Wish I could visit the snowy peaked mountains and explore an icey cave or two with the killer stalactites hanging from the roof.

I even checked my freezer for some miniature replicas but sadly my freezer is working well. So the massive hunt for sharp objects began. Scissors and knives. I found my son’s sword but sharp it wasn’t.  Perhaps the picture of me yelling at my elder son, if only I could capture the sharp words flying out. People would want to poke me with even sharper objects.

I found an old cassette with SHARP written on it. Would it be pathetic? Finally stumbled on an old image of my mother’s precious Euphorbia plants. I don’t find all of them attractive but mommy likes it since the flowers do not wilt quickly. The leaves are green, the stem dark brown and full of stout sharp thorns. The blooms are vivid in color but simple in the shape and many in number. I wouldn’t want it in my garden but I have met so many who love them and breed them by the dozen.
S o here is my sharp photo. I find the thorns more attractive than the flowers. Maybe the thorns are the highlight of the plant. 


July 08, 2013

The Ten Commandments

PADE Day 8 Theme – Rules

The whole day I carried Rules around. Couldn’t think anything except the rules which I try to go by everyday.  Not that I am a devout Christian. But I do enjoy reading the Bible. The photo here is my old Bible. Just realized the leather cover is unraveling.

 From as long as I can remember the words within the Bible were the rules we knew we had to follow. Slowly as I got older, the naked history of man and kings and sinners revealed itself in those words.  The kings were glamorously rich yet fallen deep in sin. They do not attempt to hide this. But there are powerful pieces of prayers and repentance recorded. And to discover that they were indeed forgiven and restored is so comforting.

One of the oldest penal codes recorded is within the Bible (book of Leviticus). In which each crime and punishment is painstakingly outlined.  Israel’s present judiciary is based on these, I read somewhere.
The Ten Commandments were given directly by God to Moses. Recorded on stone tablets atop Mt.Sinai. But when asked by some high priests as to which of the commandments is most important, Jesus said “Love your neighbor more than yourself and love your God with all your heart and spirit”. That was the sum of it. When love seals every relation, there is no scope of the evil to raise its head.

This post is my entry for the PADE conducted by Just a mom” or “ Things to rave about

July 07, 2013

The light of Passion

PADE Day 7                                                                                                                                                                                   
Theme – Light

The light of Passion

A long time ago, I saw a peculiarly shaped cloud in the evening sky. Almost like a fearsome monster. As I looked on, it slowly spat out the sun and then it resembled an oyster cradling a precious pearl.
I had clicked the different stages of the cloud as it moved over to reveal the sun in its glory. The images make me reflect on the light of passion within us that can transform us. I believe we need to be passionate about something. Even watching tv can be sort of a passion. Maybe not one to be pursued too long.
Passion is what lights up our dull existence.

I thought I would also share this with the toads as I couldn't get another poem out of me for Monday.

A light dwells within us
A little sun, a little ball of passion
Brightens up the world it shines upon
Suppressed, it shapens into an ogre
Let it out and watch
An oyster cuddling a pearl                                                             

This post is my entry for the PADE conducted by Just a mom” or “ Things to rave about

Also shared with Imaginary Garden with Real Toads in them.

July 06, 2013

Layers of love

When I saw the word layer, this photo of my children taken some time ago leaped in front of my eyes.
It was chilly winter and they had on layers of clothing and covering. It also triggered thoughts of how helpless I was to protect them from the perfidious layers of the world.
This is my first post on PADE and I have enjoyed it tremendously. Will try to make it everyday and also catch up with the ones I missed.

Layers of clothing keep you warm my children
Layers of love will keep you warm inside
The world is to be discovered yet
Layer by layer
Some beautiful some treacherous
Your fiber will be tested
May this warm blanket and my prayers
Shield you and strengthen you

"This post is my entry for the PADE conducted by Just a mom” or “ Things to rave about

I won the Shutterbug of the day for this Theme !! 

One tiny feet, a giant leap for me

 Trifextra Week 75 challenge wanted us to write 33 of our best words. These are mine – to my children.
My children inspire me to do more. Being so non-ambitious, I would have gone no where without my parents pushing me to study. Later in life, for my children I want to explore every possibility, every talent within me so that I can inspire them to do the same. They have transformed me from a laid back (exact translation - lazy) non adventurous non experimental (kind of a dry leaf on the mercies of wind-blown where ever) existence to taking the reins in my own hands.

Tossing away self doubts
Push myself to places higher
I pretend to be an adult
But I don’t know the way any better
Come, lay your tiny feet
On wobbly grounds of life. 

July 05, 2013

Fields of Harmony

I am visiting the Imaginary Garden after a very long time. School summer vacation had me travelling to grandparents homes with no laptop and an avalanche of trips and treks and visitors and shopping. 
Now back home to the usual grind. I get a little free time when my younger son goes off to kindergarten. I am definitely putting that to good use. If only I could get up from the couch and throw the tv remote down the drain.
Thanks Hannah for the beautiful tulips. I really enjoyed the train of thoughts they triggered.
I couldn't watch the video, the streaming was very slow for my connection. But I got the idea of the gardener and his huge toil.

This poem is written for the Friday challenge at Imaginary Garden with Real Toads.
Borrowed from Real Toads 
Hannah gave us some images of Tulip fields from Holland. A never ending ocean of vibrant hues.

Fields of Harmony 

If I could capture these soothing shades
In my thoughts, my words
As far as the eye can go,
A ribbon of purple, red, yellow
I envy the butterfly, the bee
I wish I could be like the wind
Gently touching each jubilant bloom
Inhaling a bit of a miracle called life
How can I fathom the greatness of the Creator!
So many different shapes
Such a blend of colors
Can a mere mortal ever conjure this up?
How amazing is the earth that breathes!
Can we keep these flowers real?
Let a caterpillar eat its leaves and petals
Let some flowers be flawed
Let not every smidgen be arranged and sold
Let the melody of life flow
A bit of rot and decay
For new blossoms,
New strata of life to open awe filled eyes.