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July 15, 2015

Sunrise Scuffle

Like the werewolf in the moonlight,
A creature I morph into at dawn.
The first few minutes, I am still me
The bed feeling more cosy than ever,
The alarm sounding more vile than ever.

Trying to figure which day of the week it is,
Desperately plotting a quick fix breakfast.
I pray hard, Oh dear God Almighty,
Please make this a happy morning!
The Lord recoils at my voice.

Two little sleepy flowers,
Soft, gentle wake up calls
Soon turn into loud threats.
I am not that ray of sun shine.
Flowers begin to swelter, already.

The morning picture I had in mind,
Flushed down, all the way.
And once again, the beast has fangs out
Shoving food down your throat,
Silencing your funny jokes.

Pointing at the clock,
Dragging you to the bathroom,
Dragging you out.
The school bus, like a ticking bomb
Each passing second, it's getting closer.

And then you take off!
The fangs dissolve into air
And sting sharp into my soul
Couldn't we laugh at silly things, move like snails
Maybe brush teeth, skip the bath?

I push for the healthy food,
And leave your heart starving.
Such an incredibly beautiful world,
Do I distort it with maniacal pushing?
Waiting for the evening, a time to mend.

July 08, 2015


My elder son seems to be having a lot of free classes these days. So I suggested ( ok, he didn't have the option to bail) that he writes something.
This is what he came up with


First of all let me get something straight, you have to know a lot about cars or be a car freak to understand this book. So do you know the name of the fastest car in the world. It is the BUGATI VEYRON .Keep reading to get to know how to make a faster car than the BGATI VEYRON.

Chapter 1

Toby and Ron were working in a car company called LAMBORGHINI .

They made the chassis of the LAMBORGHINI AVENTADOR

July 06, 2015

Raising Mom

Am I an authoritative figure? I have no doubts that I am not. I don't push people. But at home, I have to be. I try to be, rather. My two sons do not particularly have any interest in doing things in an orderly manner. Every ten minutes there is a war cry or a long loud wail. Unfailingly, one will take away something valuable belonging to the other. I believe that amidst the strife there is immense fun for them. They thrive on this conflict. They are laying down the bricks for the memory wall. One day, they are going to sit, arms around each other and laugh at each silly fight.

They teach me so many things. I never really referred to any parenting guide, so I do not know if I fall into the buddy parenting bracket. But this I know, our relationship is based on give and take. I take a lot more than I give. They exposed the many gaping holes in my character. I wanted to be a better person for them. I have successfully earned the good cook title, in the extended family circle. I wouldn't have cooked but for them. Them alone. They taught me time management, which my boss was getting tired of, putting on my appraisal comments.

What do I teach them? I wonder, anything of value? I help them with the text books and the writing.
I constantly push them, to learn from what they around them, to improvise. I like to imagine I taught them to channel their energies to creative ends. We have spent many happy mornings in the terrace of our home, painting on the wall. Any picture we imagined. I have seen volcanoes, dragons, cool cars and enchanted trees, appearing on that unglamorous half wall.
They have taught me all about cars. From the ones in the racing games to the one listed in Top Gear magazines. I have been lectured on the different engine types of European cars, customised for speed. We have laughed at the Greg Heffely's misfortunes. (That's the Wimpy Kid series)

Mornings are the worst. They don't want to wake up. After they are up, they go about in the slowest motion possible. That's when Chocos cheer them up. I even pack it in their snack box at times. On holidays, we bake together. My elder one believes I can't bake a good cake without him.

Of all the moments we have nurtured each other, my fondest is the time my elder one decided it was time for us to cycle together. I hadn't touched a cycle in ten thousand years, I was afraid of looking like a total idiot. Something that I didn't want particularly. Especially in front of him. We set out, I was wobbly, obviously. He rode slow but helped me with encouraging words. He laughed when I braked hard and put my feet down, to stop the cycle, but he didn't make fun of my fear. I was ready to wind up, but he prodded me on. He kept saying that the more you practice, the easier it gets.
My own words, coming right back at me. So I had to persevere. After some time, I started to relax and enjoy the two wheeled wonder.

It felt good. The cutting through cool air. The sense of adventure. I felt free, like a child, with no worries about the day's menu or mounting work. I am grateful that he likes to share his happy times and favourite activities with me. There is still a lot of growing for me to do.

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July 01, 2015

Inheritance - 3

Shikha was standing by the window, watching the rain when her aunt walked in. She rarely smiled and never minced her words but today she had a new form. She was quite distressed from within.
“How are you, dear?”, She asked Shikha, placing a hand of concern on her shoulder.

“Don't worry Tara Pishi, I am not completely shattered.” Shikha replied softly, not daring to look into her eyes.

“Can I ask you something? Do you really believe Rohan is innocent?”. Tara Pishi asked as gently as she could.

Surprised at the question, Shikha turned around and looked into her Aunt's eyes.
“I don't think he is capable of doing it. “

“But he could have been in a blind rage.”

“They were stabbed in their sleep, Tara Pishi. That is not blind rage.” ,Shikha reasoned.

“Do you suspect anyone ?”

“No, Tara Pishi.”, Shikha shook her head.

“I don't think they were exactly without any enemies. I am sure many would have imagined doing it.”

Shikha was about to smile when he bit her lip. Tara Pishi was correct, though. Rohan's parents were indeed irritating at times.

Her Aunt went on.” Shikha, I do not want you to throw your life over Rohan. You are committed to him. But right now, you have to think about yourself more than any other person. I cannot talk about this to my brother. You have to understand, getting married isn't exactly all roses. There are more thorns, especially with him. Please do not be in a rush. You don't need a husband to be happy in life.”

Shikha looked intently at her and shook her head.”I know, Tara Pishi, I know”

****** ****** ****

Meanwhile, elsewhere, officer Alan Samuel had a new challenge. Mr.Sengupta had pulled few strings and got a forensic specialist to get involved in the investigation. The new arrival shared his surname and had a rather flamboyant persona. Dr. Ruth Samuel was known for her vivid hair colouring and stylised clothes. She was arrogant, as happens with most hugely successful people.
She had started off on the examination of the bodies and had some startlingly different results.
When Alan got the reports, he wanted to speak to the Doctor himself. Even though he had been warned by friends in the department that Dr.Samuel was not very amiable with the police. There were many instances, in which she had exposed lapses and pitfalls in the police investigations.

Alan had arrived at the lab and felt some how apprehensive about the meeting. He had never considered himself as shy or incompetent and the nervousness baffled him.
She appeared suddenly, talking to two other doctors who looked much younger. She was beautiful, Alan realized. Her hair had streaks of purple. She looked like a rock star. The hair itself was styled that way. She wore a very bright yellow kurti with a low neck and indigo jeans. The white coat over all that did not reduce her glamour one bit. Alan felt his nervousness disintegrating. He felt warm inside and rose up slowly, almost in awe.

Dr. Samuel halted in her tracks when she spotted Alan standing there. She had a strange expression on her face. The doctor on her left introduced Alan. They shook hands. Alan felt reluctant to let go of her hand while she was in a hurry to.
She was very business like and explained to him that while Mr. Ghosh had bled to death, his wife was already dead before the stabbing. Alan noticed that she was very cordial.
She stated that she would like to examine the crime scene. Usually, Alan would have a problem with that but he delightedly agreed to take her there.
“That won't be necessary. You can just make the arrangements. I am sure you have other important things to do.”,Dr.Samuel was not too pleased.

Alan insisted and escorted her to his Jeep. He felt good to be with her. He tried to make pleasant conversation but she was a reluctant participant. He waited for her infamous rudeness to peek out but it never did.